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Jan 15
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Social Media Can Hurt An Interview

For most of us, we have been using social media for well over a decade. If you are like me, when you were younger you probably posted some things, that when they come up on your TimeHop or other memory apps, you wonder to yourself, “what was I thinking?”

But did you know those things you have posted years ago can come back to haunt you again in an interview? A majority of hiring managers use social media to look into candidates. There have been many debates on whether or not this should be an accepted practice, but non the less it happens.

Some of the best advice I can give to people who ask me what they should do to prepare for an interview, is to clean up their social media pages. Look through and ask yourself, “would I want a new boss to see this?” If the answer is a hard no, then start deleting!

If you are serious about wanting to find a new job opportunity, you want to do everything you can to start off on the right note. You might not think social media is that big of a deal, however we have seen some amazing interviewees not get the job because of something they posted in the past.

Take my advice, and just take a moment today to do a little social media audit. You’ll thank me later.

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