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"I survived my first week of [company name] and I am IN LOVE with what I do!!! I feel like I have a purpose once again. Looks like I'll be certified on my job by Monday️...

Once again. Thank you so much for getting me into [company name]. I've wanted to work there for a long long time. I appreciate you and the agency for assistance in re-entering the work force."

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Best temp agency I've ever worked for. Signed up and got hired through the Fitchburg, MA location. I am at the moment a temp through more than a few agencies. Alicia at the Fitchburg location has been able to keep me consistently working with the first shift positions that I am able to work... She keeps me updated and employed, in my opinion she is the best temp agent around... She is one of the hardest, most devoted workers I have ever met. And the only temp agent who has ever looled out for me and kept me working... I will rate this company 5 stars all day. Thank you Alicia! I appreciate all the hard work you've put in just too help me out and keep me employed!
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Ok, this agency is amazing. I have been out of the work force a few years. I went in to [company name] trying to be hired directly, but because of the gaps in my employment history, they wanted me to start as a temp. They connected me with Choice1Temps. My agent Matt has been VERY HELPFUL in getting me into my job assignment QUICKLY, and with no issues. I took my pre-employment screening on a Friday and started that Monday, and now I LOVE MY JOB AND CO-WORKERS. I was immediately accepted and liked by my whole department... My productivity and quality checks have been on point every time during my first week of work. I'm getting lots of praise by my trainer, the team lead, and my supervisor. Thank you so much Choice1Temps for making me feel like I have a purpose again, and my representative, Matt Fitton for working so HARD for ME. You got me into my position fast, and with no hiccups. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
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This is my agency.
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Great service and excellent staffers. This temp agency is the first choice.
Great atmosphere, committed to excellence couldn't be happier.
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Office help is pleasant.
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Very Helpful
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