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Job Posting: Staffing Recruiter/Account Manager
Recruiter duties and responsibilities
The kind of company or agency the Recruiter works for will dictate their specific responsibilities. All Recruiters need to have strong people skills and the ability to synthesize information quickly and efficiently. They should foster good relationships with recruits and company staffing agents and be able to follow through on a project. Different types of Recruiter responsibilities may include the following:
Staffing or Temp Agency: These agencies have a large talent pool who may have a more general skill set. The Recruiter knows who is available for immediate work to fill either temporary positions or jobs that may transition to full-time.
Contingency Recruiter: A Contingency Recruiter gets paid only when a candidate is hired by a company. They will get to know the clients’ needs and wants in detail, and develop a good relationship with the hiring managers. For the candidates, they may provide career guidance and resume advice.
Retained Search Firm Recruiter: This kind of agency typically specializes in matching executive-level talent with companies who need new leadership. Placing from the more specialized pool of candidates comes at a higher cost to the company.
Internal Recruiter: Some companies employ a salaried internal Recruiter who can use current employee networks to find talent for open positions. They review resumes and arrange interviews while acting as a support system for before and after hiring.

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