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Choice1Temps On-Site Staffing

While working in tandem with our on-site office we will provide you with qualified and hands-on trained candidates prior to their assignments and eliminate any co-employment issues for you. To further this end we work in partnership daily with our client’s human resources and management departments to design, develop, implement, and monitor a customized staffing solution that meet your specific needs. Therefore, you can rest assured that our candidates have been prepared to take on your positions with confidence.


Your success is guaranteed by our:

  • Highly seasoned and experienced staffing professionals that have been serving our clients consistently since 2008.

  • Ability to significantly lower your costs, reduce your liabilities and slash your turn around times.

  • Providing a superior level of service, you will, as a result, see an increase in your efficiency, productivity and long-term employee retention.


Choice1Temps On-Site Program Benefits

  • Full-time account managers

  • On-Site recruitment support from satellite offices

  • 24/7 customer service

Especially relevant, we operate out of five locations in two states, we have been managing staffing operations that annually employ over 1,100 qualified and productive workers that meet the rigorous demands of our clients. Consequently, we stand by our guarantee that we will find the right candidates for you.


Choice1Temps On-Site Program Features


  • Recruiting and new hire processing

  • Orientation, testing and training

  • Safety training and risk management

  • Disciplinary and termination actions

  • Special employee appreciation events

  • Quality control surveys and questionnaires

  • Time/Attendance monitoring

  • On-Site paycheck distribution

  • Coordination of the staffing processes

  • Posting positions on Monster.com

  • Lastly, E-verify, drug screening and background checks


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